About Me

I am Emmanuel Diaz, a professional photographer from Guadalajara, México, currently based in the Riviera Maya. 

I'm passionate about photography, and specialize in capturing true art in this form. I am a food enthusiast which is why I love food photography; I enjoy sunsets and landscapes as well as working with people and capturing life’s special moments which can be treasured forever in the form of a photograph. My favorite part of my job is delivering my work and seeing the excitement in the reaction of the customer when they love the results and I always strive to exceed expectations. 

I appreciate and love life and have a particular way of capturing artistic vision in its simplicity, my photographic compositions have graphic design, digital art and multimedia influences. I aim to capture the highest quality of images since the very beginning of the process, and I have developed my skills in order to be able to do this.  

My style is very different because I have some unique skills that I have been acquiring during my whole life. I have a strong background as a street artist and graphic designer. I know about color theory, textures, compositions and lighting. I also have experience as a former model which means I am able to give good directions of what to do in front of the camera. I am always trying to capture the delightful details of life on camera and in my mind.

I have taken workshops such as creative lighting with speed lights, wedding photography techniques, in studio and location lighting for fashion photography, natural lighting and studio lighting for food and products, HDR and composite for postproduction among others.

I am easygoing and love to build relationships with my clients and vendors. I grew up with video games so in my spare time I am a gamer and I play ps4 from time to time, also I enjoy to collaborate in street art projects.