Happily just married

Nothing better than get Married on the Mexican caribbean, clear water, warm weather, margaritas & coronas.
 This time the rain was coming but nothing bad happened; If you are looking for great pics this is something you definitely you should associate with quality pictures, instead of cloudy day or bad light.
In fact this is something that i always try to let all my people know
if you will have a destination wedding, specially on the beach you want to avoid the harsh light, this is for at least a few main reasons which are:

  • You don't want your guests or you to be sweaty & sticky
  • Dehydratation
  • when the sun is up in the sky this create shadows on your eyes and it does not look great on you
  • it will be difficult to have your eyes wide open, and the most of the pictures will look like the people are blinking

Now that you know that, you probably want to set your timeline for the evening.


Just notice how pride they look just being happily just married.

we have a very good tone of skin, because of the quality of the light,
great details on the dress and bouquet,and a good contrast on the background

Happily just married on the Mexican caribbean