Quick tips for Good pics on the beach

Sometimes I am just Roaming the beach doing Random photo shoots
I like to do this just because is fun to meet new people and to sharpen my skills as much as posible, every day have its own challenges .
Most of the people who comes to the Caribbean want pics with very harsh light, which is kind of tricky to master because here in particular, the sans is so white that bounces a lot of sun light, beside the contrast, squinting, backlights, sweating among other issues.

I strongly suggest this tips as a photographer who shoot a lot on this conditions:

Number one is to find shade or use your diffuser to create a soft light or bounce it on the dark side, this is to reduce the squinting but more important than that is to get a proper exposure but in case you do not have one,
Put your subjects between the sun and you, this will produce backlights on a first instance, so what you need to do to avoid that is simple, you ‘ve to increase the iso signal and probably to change your speed too, this will blow a bit the background but your subjects will be visible. That makes a softer skin and reduce the squinting eyes, if your subjects still too dark, use the sun on the side and try to pose the faces of your subjects to direct the sun light as you need it to be,
very important is trying to be as quick as possible to reduce the chances of dehidratation or sunburns.
Another alternative is, even that for many people sounds crazy, use your flash to kill the shadows that you do not want, but for me that just looks not natural, with this I am not saying that I do not do that, I just avoid it as much as I can because it has to kick hard to even sun light, which means use a lot of battery power.