Nelly & Jaime's Save the date

I made this image for
almost 3 months after doing the proposal photos for them,
they planned to come to the Riviera aMaya to check everything for the wedding date

So we had
one day of their weekend to do the save the date session
and I remember that she told me
that she loves the stars
I planned a Milky Way photo shoot
instead of the classic pictures of the Caribbean in the morning

I scouted a place in Cancún called Isla Blanca which have less light pollution
it was the last weekend of the year that it would be visible the Milky Way

The moon was already so bright the night that we went for the session
and the Milky Way was less visible than we though
it didn’t matter because
it gave totally another perspective of what I had in mind
I just recompose my mental frame and place the elements that I had in the moment
The moon above them, the Milky Way in the same direction,
the wide sky, the tide of the lagoon getting high matched perfectly
to create this reflection, the huge cloud created kind of a texture and a line that fades
What else could I asked for?

-Save the date Nelly & JaimeNovember 10, 2018-8.jpg