Family Tour by the Mural Arts in Holbox

This time I gave to this family a tour
trough one of the most iconic things
to do in Holbox island
admire the wall art

As you know i was myself a Graffiti artist in the early stages of my career
as a visual artist
I suggested the idea to do something more interactive rather than just being there
giving and receiving orders on how to move or pose
and go for a walk around the town
and make some candids meanwhile

They totally agreed with the idea.
the motive of the session for them was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of
the parents, they were all exited.

Around the square there are a lot of cool murals to admire
and take pictures with, and if you add
good lighting to it, there is nothing that could go wrong
we finished the photoshoot on location, we chased the sunset at the beach

family sitting on the concha acústica of Holbox
siblings kiss
lets pretend there is no camera
hide & seek
Ohana Holbox
famous mural in Holbox
The Holbox sign
family walking the beach
old couple celebrating their anniversary at the beach
family silhouette love
kiss me silhouete