LGBT Pre-wedding session in Holbox Island

Carlos & Gibran
came from Guadalajara to Holbox in a very relaxed holidays,
they came for the weekend, they already had the date of the wedding so they came for the pre-wedding photo shoot
When we started with the session it was nice to see that they felt comfortable in front of the camera so quick
it was a good thing because we click and were able to do great pics right away
you can notice that,
and that is something super important to get Bold images

08092018-Carlos + Gibran-41.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-45.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-44.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-36.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-35.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-25.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-24.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-22.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-20.jpg
08092018-Carlos + Gibran-14.jpg