Starry Pre-wedding session in Cancún

For this Photo Session
I planned something special for the #bridetobe
she is a lover of the stars, is something that she told me since the beginning
and as I am very interested in the #astrophotography at the moment
I decided to do a Photoshoot for them with the Milky Way.

I took a workshop on how to do the night sky photography since the 2017
but for any reason in that year I wasn’t able to squeeze the knowledge as I wanted, but this year ooh I did.

This night was barely posible because of the moon,
it was more bright than we thought so it blocked the visibility of the Milky Way plus a huge cloud that just randomly appeared
Usually for this kind of photography you need no moon light at all, so it was like the 3rd day after the new moon phase so, it supposed to be ok but the moon was at its 15 to 17% I can’t remember that on this moment
anyway we were there
the trick for this is be patient and stay still, because any tiny movement cause blurriness, the amount of light in the scene have to be very measured because of the camera settings

-Save the date Nelly & JaimeNovember 10, 2018-8.jpg

I made them dance under the light of thousand of stars and the moon light
can you imagine being there?
it was so magical,
no one but us
and I was pretty far from them to give them space and make them feel just themselves

she loves to dance btw.

-Save the date Nelly & JaimeNovember 10, 2018-7.jpg
-Save the date Nelly & JaimeNovember 10, 2018-6.jpg

In this picture below you can see how I captured
two #shootingstars just above them,
for me this is a great pic and a sign for them that they were going together
in a good direction.

-Save the date Nelly & JaimeNovember 10, 2018-2.jpg
-Save the date Nelly & JaimeNovember 10, 2018-4.jpg
-Save the date Nelly & JaimeNovember 10, 2018.jpg