Dinner Proposal at Hotel Villas Flamingos Holbox

Nelly & Jaime
meet around 6 years now
they were introduced by a mutual friend that they had at the time
they made click and he did not waited that long to ask
if she wanted to be in a formal relationship
He invited her to Holbox because it was her dream to swim with the whale shark
so that was great because she was so focused on it, that she never saw it coming
Jaime Get in touch with me weeks in advance,
So the plan was already set up it was just matter to wait for the moment.

The hotel that they were staying, offered a nice dinner,
the table was set up in the shore so they were able to
get their feet wet with the water of the ocean,
There was a playlist with all their romantic songs
The view
What else can you ask for?
it was everything already set up

The day before he took her to the trip to swim with the whale sharks near Holbox
so she was only talking about it because it was her dream and it came truth
good think she was super distracted with it
Let’s go to dinner to the town he said, we need a taxi
let me go to the front desk to ask for one,
and then well you know he took her for the back aile of the hotel so she wasn’t able to see the table in the water
and that is how the count down started

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